Spicier Nights In The Making: Best Sex Toys For Couples

There is no reason why anyone should shy away from inviting another bedmate (and we don’t mean another living, breathing one, wink wink). Using best sex toys for couples in the bedroom with your partner not only adds some spice during sex, but it can improve your bond as well. Check out these sex toys for couples for mind-blowing orgasms!

The Best Sex Toy For Bondage Beginners: Fetish Slave Handcuffs and Ankle Cuffs

Slave Handcuffs - Love Fetish

Looking for something that’s a bang for your buck (pun intended)? These fetish slave handcuffs and ankle cuffs are a whole-body restraint that will add some kinky fun in the bedroom. It is made with a soft inner pad so it won’t hurt your wrists or ankles during play. It also comes with a ball gag for that whole bondage experience. Plus, these sexy handcuffs and ankle cuffs are made from nylon with velcro straps for safe and secure stimulation.

Whether you are dominant or submissive, these restraints bring a whole level of pleasurable sensation. If you’re looking to have some light bondage fun, these cuffs are an excellent way to start. It will bring your partner to an intense sensory trip that will lead to a new level of erotic experience. Being all tied up and helpless can be a powerful turn-on, and these cuffs are the safest way to go. 

The Best Dual Purpose Vibrator for Clitoral Orgasm: DUSEN Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

When it comes to jaw-dropping clit stimulation, nothing beats the Dusen Clitoral sucking vibrator. Once you try out this bad boy, this will undoubtedly be your holy grail clitoral sucking vibrators. The Dusen Clitoral Sucking vibrator features not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 10 speed sucking and vibration levels. You can also adjust the angle so it will fit snugly on your body. What a perfect vibrator for all types of clits!


Love Fetish - clitoral sucking vibrators

Explore different settings and strengths to see which satisfies you the best. No matter what, it’ll surely make your eyes go at the back of your head! This vibrator will make you come so fast and hard with the clit-sucking, vibrating, and penetrating action. The next thing you know, you’re already hitting the buttons like a maniac wanting for more. The mute design also allows you to fully immerse yourself and focus on the pleasurable sensation while this vibrator rocks your world.

The Best Two-in-One Vibrator Companion: COCOLILI's Vagina Sucking Vibrator

sucking vibrating vagina - Love Fetish

If you want an easy way to have a quick destressing moment alone in your office or exciting foreplay in bed with your lover, COCOLILI sucking vibrating vagina is the one you are looking for to add to your collection or as your first sex toy. With its power, this sucking vibrator will have you coming in no time!

Say goodbye to the traditional vibrators and in with the new sucker X vibrator. COCOLILI's small yet terrible vagina vibrator takes the world multi-tasking to a whole new level: target your G-spot while you enjoy pulsating energy that will allow you to reach a heavenly orgasm. 

You will also be glad to know that this baby works quiet and fast (it has ten strong modes!), so you can use it under your covers or your work desk; come with it, nobody's going to know.

The Best Sex Cube for the Playful Erotics: JIUAI Sex Dice

Sex Dice - Lofe Fetish

Say goodbye to boredom and make your sexy times fun and exciting by playing a game of chance mixed with Twister. With the JIUAI Sex Dice, try the classic and adventurous positions with your partner. Go out of your comfort zone and upgrade your sex game by working on unique ways of reaching climax together. 

Up your foreplay or your erotic game day to explore more parts of your lover, you don't know yet. One JIUAI sex dice has six up to 12 common and naughty sex positions that will blow your minds. Play it safe with the classic missionary or discover the hidden powers of the sensual magic mountain. 

Achieving your erotica fantasies is as simple as rolling the dice and playing what's on top. Keep the ecstasy and the excitement going, for you don't know what's coming next!

The Best Toy To Keep The Adventure Going: Leather Bondage Whip

bondage whipping - Love Fetish

If you’re into some good lovin’ with some whippin’, this Leather Bondage Whip is perfect for your grip. It’s a safe and fun way to add some spice into your bedroom. 

Sex life doesn’t get any better than exploring fun things using adult toys like the Leather Bondage Whip. 

Made from synthetic leather, this whip can either make your partner, pet, or sub obey to do whatever you want. 

You want your partner to be rewarded? Give some lovin’ and whippin’. 

You want your partner to be punished? Maybe he/she needs some whippin’ then comes the lovin’ part.

This Leather Bondage Whip is available in pink and black colors. If you want some nice touch to it, we also have the black feather variant. Feathers give a distinct and sensual feel to every whip on your partner’s sensitive skin. Make your sex life more interesting with the Leather Bondage Whip. 

The Best Tool To Keep Them Big: Penis Pump, Penis Enlarger

Ladies like ‘em big. 

And when we mean by big, something that could either choke them or fill them up all the way inside. Get ‘em hooked by making your penis even bigger than before with the Penis Pump, Penis Enlarger. 

The best part is, you pump up your penis without any medicines nor injections. You pump and enlarge your penis in the most natural way ever. Isn’t it the best thing to happen to your sexual life? 

This penis pump, penis enlarger uses air to make your penis bigger. It uses a vacuum which draws more blood into your penis, ensuring a big erection! Who wouldn’t want a big erection filling ‘em up!

Yes, you can make your erection bigger, the natural way. 

Some might see sex toys as a hassle in bed. However, once you get to experience its excitement, you’ll definitely plead for more. Look for the best ones in the market with Love Fetish. Just explore their site and add to cart the ones that bring out your curiosity and playfulness. Have fun with your next adventure! 

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