COCOLILI New Original Magic Wand (Rechargeable)

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Wondering where to buy a magic wand vibrator that will assist you in uninterrupted sessions with your partner or yourself? Try out COCOLILI's New Original Magic Wand! It is a rechargeable vibrator that includes a USB charger. It’s easy to use as you only need to plug it in for three hours, and voila! You can start using it for two full hours or more without the hassle of buying new batteries.

COCOLILI New Original Magic Wand can bring you wonders! It has deep and rumbly vibrations at a lower frequency that gives you pleasure all over your body, especially for your clitoral stimulation. If you like to play around with your vulva, the Original Magic Wand is perfect for you! 

Vibrators bring several health benefits to you, such as better sleep, stress reliever, etc. That’s why it's time to choose the best ones out there. COCOLILI’s wands are truly high-standard in the market, among other massagers. It is built with a regular-sized vibration head that can be replaced with other wand massager sleeves Note that it also includes ten (10) vibration modes for your satisfaction. 

To use the vibrator, simply hold the button for 3 to 5 seconds to work. Long press the power button to turn it on or off, and short press it to change the vibration. 


You’re so close to hitting the big O and when your battery dies. What are you supposed to do now? Use your actual hands? Game over.

COCOLILI New Original Magic Wand is a rechargeable vibrator. With a USB charger, save energy, when fully charged by about 3 hours, can work about 2 hours or more, without having to buy the batteries.


    1. A vibrator can help you sleep soundly
    2. It can help you beat stress
    3. A vibrator is good for your heart
    4. It can keep your vagina healthy
    5. It can help you beat pain
    6. You’ll expand your pleasure horizons
    7. You’ll have better bladder control
    8. A vibrator can help you work through issues with sex
    9. You’ll have a more enriched and satisfying sex life
    One of the major advantages of having COCOLILI New Original Magic Wand is that it offers deep, resonant (or "rumbly") vibrations at a lower frequency, which can be good for all-over pleasure but especially for clitoral stimulation. Since they have a wide head, they can also be great for vulva play. More than anything, wands are just built to be tougher than virtually any other kind of massager on the market.
    • Made of food-grade medical silicone, flexible and elastic, healthy and safe to use
    • 10 vibration modes 
    • Designed with regular size vibration head, can be easily replaced with other wand massager sleeves
    • Super Powerful Quiet Vibration Massager G Spot Vibrator for Women USB Charging Sex Toys Clitoris Stimulator Dildo Sex Products
    • Color: Rose Red and Purple
    • Material: Environmental protection silicone + ABS
    • Power: Rechargeable
    • Battery: Built-in 500mA lithium battery
    • Charging time: About 3 hours
    • Using time: About 2 hours when fully charged

    1. You had to hold the button down about 3 - 5 Seconds, then it will work
    2. Long Press (Power Button) to turn it ON/OFF
    3. Short Press(Power Button) to slow down

    1 x Vibrator
    1 x Charging usb cable

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