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Sex is a journey and that involves trying out different sensations and figuring out which are the ones that you and your partner can enjoy the most. A ticklish sensation is one of the most common feelings that most people enjoy and if you want to give that to your partner then you should try out the Whip Feather Tickler. 

The Whip Feather Tickler is made from gorgeous synthetic soft feathers and a handle wrapped with a woven-like rope. All the materials used for this sex toy are non-toxic and safe for the body so you can enjoy tactile play and role-playing as much as you want. Let your girl dress up as a maid, blindfold her and sweetly tickle and carefully caress her sensitive parts with this sex toy. Don’t be afraid to go harder and harder until she reaches her climax.

This toy comes in different color choices. You can make the sexy evil submit with red.; tame the cute bunny with pink; help the sexy mistress achieve orgasm with black; Make the angelic woman feel like she’s in heaven with white, and tickle the seductive royalty with purple.  

Using the Whip Feather Tickler is just incredibly easy. Hold it on the handle and let the feathers do their magic to your lovely partner! Here’s a tip: tickling your partner in her most sensitive parts will give her the best experience! 

Experience the fun of an exciting sexual play in bed with your partner.
In a sexual act, role-playing is very popular. "The French Maid" is one of the most popular roles!

By this sexual act, the woman would wear her sexy outfit that tickles the sensuality and curiosity of her partner. The important props of this sexual act are the Feather ticklers.

Love Fetish's Feather Tickler Whip is great for those who fancy some light, tactile play. It is part of the Bondage collection of Love Fetish. From tickling your lover into submission to softly caressing them, everyone should have a feather tickler in their boudoir collection. This specific tickler has a great length, perfect for teasing from a distance, and gorgeously soft, feather which produces skin tingling effects.

Love Fetish's Feather Tickler Whip is a safe and useful sex tool. Restraint tool that allows you and your partner to have fun in bedroom activities.

1. Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the project may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture. Thank you!
2. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm measurement deviation

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